The Pool Building Process

AAP is an award winning pool builder

Making the decision to build a swimming pool is an important one. You can be assured that All Around Pools takes pride and care in every step of the process. From design to completion and beyond...your satisfaction is priority one!!

Here is an idea of what to expect.

Step 1

PRELIMINARY: Decisions, decisions, this is as hard as it gets...shape, size, coping, tile, features, and all the final selections from your wish list. It's a walk in the park after step one.

  • The final layout and location of the pool is approved
  • Finish elevation is determined and approved
  • Blueprints / Shop drawings have been approved
  • AAP has called "Miss Dig" to mark utilities
  • All permits have been issued and posted
  • Trucking and dirt drops have been coordinated

AAP is excavating a pool

Step 2

EXCAVATION: In most cases it will take one day to complete the excavation of your pool and remove the soil from your yard. If you are interested in keeping some of the excavated soil, just let us know in advance.

Photo of AAP excavating a pool

Step 3

STEEL: Expect the structural steel phase to take from one to two days depending on the size of your pool and if there is additional steel work required for a raised spa or fountain. You can also expect to see the floor plumbing in place prior to this phase of construction.

A photo of a pool ready for inspection

Step 4

INSPECTIONS: At Various stages of construction, detailed inspections are performed by your project supervisor as well as you local building authorities. All Around Pools will schedule the required inspections with you local building department. All construction is guaranteed to meet or exceed code requirements.

Show here is the plumbing of your new pool

Step 5

PLUMBING: Plumbing is the next phase after excavation is complete, and will continue after the steel cage is in place. Once the gunite shell is shot, we continue to run all the piping from the pool and set the filtration equipment.

Here is a photo of a pool shell - this pool has just be filled with Gunite

Step 6

POOL SHELL: Pneumatically applied concrete (GUNITE) is applied under extreme pressure to bond tightly around the steel cage and create the superstructure that is your swimming pool shell. The steps, bench seating, sun shelf and optional features are then hand carved and contoured to your exact specifications.

example of a pool with the coping and tile initially laid

Step 7

COPING & TILE: AAP's experienced craftsmen installs your selection of top stone coping and waterline tile. Check out our Features page for some of the many coping and tile options available to you.

AAP installs decking of your choice around your new pool

Step 8

DECKING: It's up to you; AAP offers a wide variety of decking material to surround your swimming pool. Check out our Features page to see the many decking options available to you.

photo of fencing around a pool

Step 9

FENCING: Most all communities require you to provide a fence with a self closing, self-latching gate. Again, you have many options to choose from. We will guide you through this process and help to familarize you with your local municipality's requirements.

Durable waterproof pool finish

Step 10

WATERPROOF FINISH: This is it...AAP will now apply the surface application of your choice. White plaster (marcite) is the traditional selection of finish, but quartz, pebble and glass finishes are also available. Your selected finish will be sprayed on and hand troweled, providing you with a beautiful, long lasting and durable surface!!

Filling up your new swimming pool with water

Step 10 1/2

FILL IT UP: Not really a step, but immediately following the surface application we will fill your swimming pool via your water supply and or a tanker truck. The surface cures under water.

After your pool is installed we pride ourselves on clean up

Step 10 3/4

CLEAN UP: Again, not really a step, but this is something we pride ourselves on and will continuously monitor. We're freaks about it!

Now you can enjoy your finished pool

Step 11

POOL SCHOOL: EAZY PEAZY...Once the pool is filled we will start up the system, treat the water and show you exactly how everything works. We will go through water testing, chemicals and maintenance.

Don’t worry, we’ll be there when you need us, for all your questions and if you need pool school problem.